Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Sweet Charity"

Side 1 - embellished

Side 2 - not embellished
"Sweet Charity"

Design of beaded bead: Bead Infinitum's "Double Rose Window". I varied the design by using 8mm Chinese Charoite beads instead of 6mm beads , and by using some 2mm sugalite beads for embellishment in place of seed beads.

Beaded by Sharon Erwine 2011

Item 1647

Have you heard of "The Best Little Bead Box" and "Beads of Courage"? Beads of Courage is a charity to benefit children who have cancer, and The Best Little Bead Box is a related means for beaders to help Beads of Courage. I recently participated in The Best Little Bead Box and obtained these Chinese Charoite and Sugalite beads as a result of my participation. I am choosing to return this completed beaded bead to The Best Little Bead Box to be included in their Ebay charity "lots" at the end of Round 2.

To read more about this worthwhile cause, please see my entries , as follows:

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March 15, 2011 The beads I added to the boxes
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  1. Wow. Where'd ya find 2mm Sugilite? Awesome.

  2. I received the 2mm Sugilite in the Best Little Bead Box. I donated the rest of them back along with this beaded bead, to be used in the ebay auction.