Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"A Little Black Dress and ..."

"A Little Black Dress and . . .

Designer of beaded bead: "Double Rose Window" by BeadInfinitum (Gwen Fisher and Florence Turnour" - variation: I used 8 mm beads instead of 6mm beads, resulting in a larger, flatter beaded bead

When I made "Sweet Charity" I thought the bead looked like a flower, my special interest. So I made another and combined my idea to add a beaded bead to a simple strand of pearls. So here it is, and I hope you like it.

Beaded by: Sharon Erwine 2011

Item 1648

"Sweet Charity"

Side 1 - embellished

Side 2 - not embellished
"Sweet Charity"

Design of beaded bead: Bead Infinitum's "Double Rose Window". I varied the design by using 8mm Chinese Charoite beads instead of 6mm beads , and by using some 2mm sugalite beads for embellishment in place of seed beads.

Beaded by Sharon Erwine 2011

Item 1647

Have you heard of "The Best Little Bead Box" and "Beads of Courage"? Beads of Courage is a charity to benefit children who have cancer, and The Best Little Bead Box is a related means for beaders to help Beads of Courage. I recently participated in The Best Little Bead Box and obtained these Chinese Charoite and Sugalite beads as a result of my participation. I am choosing to return this completed beaded bead to The Best Little Bead Box to be included in their Ebay charity "lots" at the end of Round 2.

To read more about this worthwhile cause, please see my entries , as follows:

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

"I Love Jade"

"I Love Jade"

The 2 large beaded beads are from the "Time Machine" pattern, designed by Bead Infinitum (Gwen Fisher and Florence Turnour).

My inspiration for the colors was the package of jade coin beads that I used in this project. They were such pretty shades of lavenders and olives. I used three shades of jade rounds (8mm new jade, 6mm lemon olive, 4 mm olive), then picked some pretty green and lavender seed beads and fringe beads for the embellishments. Since I wanted the jade rounds to show through, I stopped after round 2 of the embellishments. If you want, there is yet another round of embellishment to make these beads even fancier.

The center bead was my own invention. It turned out to be a poor idea, since the drilled hole runs between the two Time Machine beads, rather than a hole as in a donut bead. The bead edging wants to slide slightly off the edge.

After stringing the necklace, I thought the plain jade rounds at the sides looked a little plain compared to their fancy focals, so I added a little embellishment using 3 fringe beads in each space where I wanted them. After the picture was taken, I removed the fringe beads from the back 5" on each side because they were uncomfortable on the neck.

"Time Machine" beaded bead designed by: Bead Infinitum (Gwen Fisher and Florence Turnour)

Beaded by: Sharon Erwine 2011

Item 1646