Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Carnelian Flower"

"Carnelian Flower"

Designer of beaded bead: "Seven Sisters" by BeadInfinitum (Gwen Fisher and Florence Turnour)

This is my first "Seven Sisters". At a certain point in the pattern, I realized I had some carnelian colored petal beads, so of course, I just had to turn this into another flower. I simply added them to the circumference at the obvious places - very easy! I'm very pleased with these summery colors.

I skipped the embellishment beads to expose the center beads on this one, but my next project features all of the embellishment.

Beaded by: Sharon Erwine

Item 1650

"Emeralds Forever"

"Emeralds Forever"

Designer of beaded bead: "Double Rose Window" by BeadInfinitum (Gwen Fisher and Florence Turnour".

Once I saw these emerald cathedral beads, I wanted to make an antique looking necklace. I ran into a big problem - the green emerald color was so dark that my first attempt using all black just lost the green color. The owner of my local bead store suggested I use some crystals in the center, which worked well to bring the green color out. I had to omit the lace overlay embellishment, though, because it darkened the green.

Next, I wanted to make a larger bead unit, so I made three beaded beads, then carefully stitched them together at the centers to align the cathedral beads. The whole necklace was still difficult to photograph to catch the greens, but when worn, the necklace sparkles the subtle greens of emeralds.

Beaded by: Sharon Erwine 2011

Item 1649