Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"A Little Black Dress and ..."

"A Little Black Dress and . . .

Designer of beaded bead: "Double Rose Window" by BeadInfinitum (Gwen Fisher and Florence Turnour" - variation: I used 8 mm beads instead of 6mm beads, resulting in a larger, flatter beaded bead

When I made "Sweet Charity" I thought the bead looked like a flower, my special interest. So I made another and combined my idea to add a beaded bead to a simple strand of pearls. So here it is, and I hope you like it.

Beaded by: Sharon Erwine 2011

Item 1648


  1. Es un collar precioso, muy buena la variación de tamaño, enhorabuena!!!

  2. Ooo pretty! I love how you've shown off the little rose window with the way that you've strung it, and it looks great with the pearls too :)