Friday, June 3, 2011

"Dangle Berry"

"Dangle Berry"

This is my own variation of the "Bead Origami" pattern from BeadInfinitum. I started by playing with the colors to see if I could create a flower, and ended up with a pink flower, front and back, surrounded by green. I added a stamen and sepals to one "flower" and noticed it was looking a lot like a berry. I've been meaning to make a beaded bead for my cell phone. so I added a loop and some tiny glass leaves to the other end. Then I wondered if the thread loop on the cell phone might eventually break, so decided to add a small lobster claw to my leafy loop. The lobster claw means the bead can be removed and clipped onto something else - zipper pull? purse loop? Very versatile! This pattern was fun to make and I loved the extra embellishment of the 12 faces of the bead.

Beaded by Sharon Erwine, 2011

Item 1652

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  1. Neat variation! It really does look quite berry-like. Delicious!