Monday, November 15, 2010

Lotus beaded bead set

"Lotus beaded bead set"

Item 1639

Designer: Bead Infinitum (with adaptations)

Beadwork by: Sharon Erwine 2010

I'm pleased to show my first creation as a member of the "Bead Infinitum" design team. I used the pattern "Lotus beaded bead", but I took some liberties with it. The pattern is great, but bead selection for teardrop/briolette beads left me frustrated. What's a girl to do?

I came up with 2 solutions: 1) use seed beads to turn the vertically drilled bead into a useable hortizontal "drill" bead (see the illustration for 2 possibilities), and 2) make use of my own beaded leaves as "teardrops" (see free Russian Leaf tutorial on my website).

I loved the result! The only problem now is the color doesn't photograph well (too yellow), and we couldn't seem to fix it. So, please imagine the correct color which is lime green and avocado green with black.

Here's the promised illustration:

And here is a link to my website for the free pattern:
click on patterns, then free patterns, then Russian leaf

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