Monday, October 25, 2010

"The Knothole" (Birch tree)

Picture 4: The knothole has been oiled lightly with Danish oil, resulting in some darkening of the wood.

Picture 3: The beading of the bracelet has been completed.

Picture 2: The dark lines have been beaded.

Picture 1: The knothole has been beaded under tight tension. The wood was curved and I was not sure the beading would hold it in place, but it worked. I probably should have finished the wood before beading it.

This knothole was given to be by my friend R. Dee, who found it on Labor Day at Mackinaw City, Michigan. We were visiting the site of a boat building and there were wood shavings all around, but none so pretty as this knothole with its own natural colors, including red and green. The wife of the boat builder gave us permission to take the knothole. When I said it would make a pretty piece of jewelry, R. Dee insisted on giving it to me. So here it is. I had fun seeing if I could make this bracelet and I hope you enjoy the pictures. And I hope R. Dee will enjoy her bracelet, though she doesn't yet know that it is my gift to her.


  1. The bracelet came out beautifully! Truly amazing and the danish oil was the perfect finish for the knothole. Well done!