Monday, July 26, 2010

"Flower Power" - variations

"Flower Power" - variations by me

Designer: Holle Sauerwein (Holle Randy)

Beaded by: Sharon Erwine

This pattern taught me a lot about working from the outside to the inside, and led me to develop my 6 point star pattern. The pattern intends for the flower to be enclosed for the 3D effect, but as I was working the larger piece, I loved that I could see "inside" and all the tiny beads, so I made a variation of the pattern instead, closing only at the inner points and leaving the "inside" exposed. Then I played around with a couple more sizes. Then I designed my six point star, and wrote a pattern for it. You can see the star on my website

I was just playing with these units, but they are so pretty that I plan on making some beaded beads and putting all the units into a necklace.

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  1. It is really beautiful. I am working a first version of flower power. I an new tout beading si it all seem so difficult. Tour comment inspirer me, how you try a version then another ans explore. Thank you fort sharing thé way you do.